Design Division
       ├----Planning & Researching
       │     └----Land Survey Research, Environment Research,
       │        Snow & Ice Research, Public Opinion Survey
       ├----Geological survey, Slope failure prevention design
       │     └----Geological survey, Earth sliding & poor ground
       ├----Designing Road System
       │     └----Urban Road, Mountain Road, Bicycle Road
       ├----Traffic base & Road facilities design
       │     └----Station, parking area, information box, CCB
       ├----Designing Bridge System
       │     └----Superstructure (Steel & concrete bridge), Substructure
       ├----Designing Road Related Structure
       │     └----Road-Protected System Wall, Box Culvert, Anchoring
       ├----Evaluation for the Road Planning Work
       │     └----Benefit-cost analysis, Various analysis and evaluation
       ├----Planning Traffic System
       │     └----Traffic planning, Road network Planning, Traffic accident measures
       ├----Design Snow Road Related Structure
       │     └----Road heating system facility, Snow managing system,
       │         Anti-snow & ice facility, Snowstorm protection facility
       │----River planning, River facilities design
       │     └----Sluice, Sluice pipe, Intake works, Drainage work, Natural-style rivers
       ├----Urban planning
       │     └----Urban planning, Regional Design, Local-renewal plan,
       │         Landscape design
       └----Greening design, Park designing
             └----Greening planning, Urban park and nature park design,
                 Outside-Building Landscape

  System Development Division
       │     └----Planning, Designing and developing for regional ITS.
       ├----Control system
       │     └----Planning, Designing and developing for various control systems.
       │     └----Planning, Designing and developing for various soft wares.
       │     └----Planning, Designing and developing for various Internet system.
             └----Planning and Creating Web-page.

  Maintenance & Repair Division
       ├----Visual Inspection for Road-Related Structures
       │     └----Field Visual Inspection, Total Analyze & Review
       ├----Evaluation for Road-Related Structures
       │     └----Field Detail Inspection, Non-Destructive Inspection
       ├----Field Inspection & Analysis for the Bridge (Structures)
       │     └----Weight Strength Testing Tensile
       │         Properties Testing Impact Testing
       ├----Repair & Reinforcement of Engineering Design

       │     └----Technology & Method for repairing and reinforcing
       └----Technology developing
             └----Technology research and development

  Sales Department Division
       ├----Image analysis system
       ├----ITV camera system
       ├----Control program of road information display system
       ├----Benefit-Cost analysis program
       ├----Traffic counter

       └----Database of traffic accidents


  Company Organization
       ├----Message from our president
       ├----The Story about our company name
       ├----Company history
       └----Direction & Map